Nixon Trader Watch can Survive a Bomb Blast

Any watch will tell the time with a good degree of accuracy.  Then again, time is completely subjective and some just don’t care to abide by it.  Course, more often than not those people are abundantly late to meetings, dinners and anything that requires they be there at a specific time.

Put down the smartphone and class up your wrist with the Nixon Trader Watch.  They haven’t said when it will go on sale, or for how much, but the almost all black facade is more than enough to get our heart ticking with excitement.  Nixon says that it’s essentially bomb proof thanks to the mix of titanium carbide, stainless steel and sapphire crystal – elements often seen in high end, luxury branded watches.  However, it’s not waterproof, which is a bit odd – after all it can survive a bomb but not a bit of water?  Nonetheless, the Trader Watch comes with an additional fabric band with a stainless steel buckle.