Beer Cave Walk-In Cooler & Kegerator

The traditional Man Cave includes an oversized flat screen TV, an obnoxiously large home theater system that the wife hates, pool and/or ping pong table, a bar and hopefully a a few full sized arcade machines.  Sorry, but if you just built one of these, you’re behind the proverbial curve.  The new Man Cave is the Brew Cave Walk-In Beer Cooler & Kegerator.

At first blush it looks like an oversized fridge.  Don’t get us wrong, it totally is.  But what makes the Brew Cave Walk-In Beer Cooler & Kegerator is the last part, the Kegrator.  On the face of this modular fridge is a tap that can be connected to a keg and pumping system.  Needless to say, it’s an invaluable entertainment tool for any aspiring gentlemen looking to throw some serious shindigs.  But that’s not its only redeeming quality.  The whole package is modular, which means they’ll ship it in pieces and you can assemble it any where you see fit.  Each panel includes four inches of insulation sandwiched between an inner and outer black stucco embossed galvanized finish, which runs floor to ceiling.  Flooring is optional, but for a mere $ 400 you might as well, right?

In terms of storage the Brew Cave Walk-In Beer Cooler can hold up to 30 cases of beer and at a minimum 4 kegs – if you stack them you can probably squeeze in 8.  For your safety the locking device is operable from either side of the door, which is to say you won’t freeze to death or catch a serious case of hypothermia if the door latches closed behind you.

So what kind of scratch are we talking?  Dare we say a cool $ 6,500, which we assume is before shipping cost.