SBU V3 Self Balancing Unicycle (video)

No handlebars or steering wheel might sound complicated, but the SBU V3 Self Balancing Unicycle makes it a breeze to learn how to guide the electronic unicycle. Control for the SBU is via natural leaning motions (similar to that of the Segway) and they’re so easy to learn that it’ll only take you about 20 minutes to master all the control movements. It features cool features like Turn Assist and Smart Sense, which allow the SBU V3 to actively learn your motions and performs numerous safety calculations every second you ride. Key to the SBU’s superior movement capabilities is its sensors. It has multiple 3-axis accelerometers and gyros that provide superior inertial measurement enabling for a ride like no other.

The all-new battery system and high-torque 1000-Watt BLDC motor delivers amazing performance on hills and faster sprinting speeds. It goes from 0-100 mph in 3 seconds, has a top speed of 15 mph and a hill grades of 30%. he Focus Designs Pure Sine Wave controller is more advanced than anything you can find on the market. With regenerative braking, unmatched efficiency, uncompromising silence, and torque-control at the granular level, this BLDC controller is the only one it it’s class. It’s crafted by hand with 6061 alloy, is capable of 325-lbs and beyond, and is build to last and endure tough environments.